Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letting you know you matter to me.

Letting you know you matter to me.
I watched this tedx video this morning and afterwards felt i wanted
 to let a few people know they really matter to me.

you are my oldest and dearest friend. you matter to be because i can always count on you to bring laughter and joy to my life. there is not one conversation that goes by that we don't find humor in something. i can talk to you about anything and everything and know i will never be judged. you have seen me in my darkest moments and have celebrated in my greatest joys. my life would never be the same without you. 

you are an amazing person. i look up and admire you. you matter to be because you bring a gift of love, understanding and empathy to all who cross your path. you are my solid rock when i need to come back down or be picked back up. i have learned some of the greatest lessons about how to connect with not only students but people in the world from you. 

jae & sarah
you both matter to me because your friendships mean the world to me. we are the three single amigos that on a moments notice can be hanging out enjoying a tastey adult beverage or laughing til we cry because we can't get the wii to update. i have had the most wonderful year because of you two birds.

when we hang out and chat you have an amazing way of pushing my thinking. i have walked away from every conversation with you a better person. you matter to me because you help me look at the world in a different light. when i think of you i can't help but smile to know the world is a better place because you're in it.

you matter to me because without your support, guidance and insight i would be a a bit lost. i took a bit leap of faith this year and feel it is because of you that i have survived. you have a wonderful gift of seeing the possibilities in any given situation and helping those around you understand them too.

you matter to me because you look out for me. it is because of you that i took my leap of faith this year. my life has changed significantly in the past 6 months because of your help. you believed in me.

you matter to me because you always have keen insight. i know that whenever i reach out to you, you will have a response that doesn't necessarily solve something for me, but helps me solve it for myself.

my dear jenny, you matter because you are the truest, most genuine person i have ever known. 

**if you aren't listed above, please know you DO matter to me and i will certainly tell you how the next time we see each other or speak.

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