Friday, August 24, 2012

These Days

The past four days have been filled with PD, learning the ins and outs of being a site support tech person, getting teachers up and going with teacher machines, evaluating old equipment, more PD.  Oh yes and LUNCH.  A few of my teammates and I visited Carbone's on 38th for lunch yesterday.  I felt like we were in the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld.  Great little sandwich place with a lot of personality.

We are now one week out from starting with students. We are no where near ready!!!!!!!!  I found out one of my classes may come as a group of 40. So now  I need to completely rearrange my room to add 8 more desktops. I'm not so worried about the rearranging as I am about having 40 students to manage.  I will get a para professional with those groups but still.  Wow. 

I am trying to document this journey but as I sit here this morning trying to capture my thoughts, I am overwhelmed.  I cannot put into words my worries, fears and anxiety. This school has been COMPLETELY neglected and ignored for years.  We have such a challenge ahead!

We were doing a Q&A session with the principal and AP yesterday about nuts and bolts items on people's minds.  One question was around district provided snack.  Apparently there is a program but you only qualify if you have a high number of free and reduced students.  We have 98% but apparently we DO NOT qualify HUH???  

Due to neighborhood gang activity the color Red is banned from our wardrobe at any time.  This includes hair ties!  That's great to give a violent group of people so much power.

I know these are not paragraphs nor may they make sense but I need to relieve some of the stress that is turning my stomach inside out.

Supplies- I found some awesome digital cameras that will allow me to use those cool 3x5 hard floppy discs for storage. Now if I can only find the power cords I'll be all set. Ha. We have not ONE updated digital camera to use.

That's my spillage for this morning.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting out of my rut

So as the official start of my new adventure draws near.... I'm getting a bit wiggy because the reality of not returning to the place I've been working for the past ten years is settling in. 
I've been trying to work on my new teaching space, doing what my friend Mel calls- nesting. I've been in the past several days for hours at a time trying to do just that- nest- make it my own or Giafy it I think I told my friend Jenny. I don't feel I'm there yet mostly because my new room is HUGE (72 steps by 29 steps).  I'm talking the size where 30 computers line the walls around the room and don't over lap.  The size where we could hold a dance and 50 people would be comfortable. So, lots of room to try to nest, lots of white wall space. I will have students ranging from ECE to 8th grade coming through there so I'm thinking.... how do you make it cutesy and friendly for the young ones but not overly so for the older ones. YES, I am totally over thinking this but it's important to make this place inviting and positive. These kids NEED and DESERVE to have a place that they feel good about spending time.  The population is 98% free and reduced. The largest housing project in Denver is right across the street. So my need to nest is even greater this year.  I know all this nittering about is my way of wanting to make sure I show them I care about them. I know I will be just fine and all will be well because I CARE. 

I'll end this with a reference to a blog I read this morning called A Few Truths by Leigh who created Curly Girl Design. It was EXACTLY what I needed to get out of this rut I've seemed to be spinning in for a few days.  She ends her blog post with a question - "What makes you unreasonably happy??" This turned my whole attitude around and totally made my Friday. It helped me shift my thinking. 
My list:
1. music- listening to a song that has lyrics that make me think. smile. reflect. Nothing like a little John Mayer, Ben Howard and Mumford & Sons right now.
2. Jeeter- his excitement when I come home from a day away- NOTHING on earth can give me an instasmile like he can.
3. Roadtrip to BV/Salida- Driving 285 and the point when I see the Collegiate Peaks-AHHHH. Then putting my feet in the river near new south main-double ahhh!!
4. Freshies- sliding into bed with freshly washed sheets.
5. Flowers- NOT the kind that are cut and put in a vase. The kind that are growing like crazy in their own little dirt worlds.
5. Friends- ore more specific the times with friends. Event more specific now that I think about it I haven't had this in awhile- times with friends where I let myself get over myself and just be stoopid-silly-naive.. when EVERYTHING and ALL THINGS are funny and I get my deep down belly laugh on. Times when I ignore anything but being with my peeps and letting my heart and spirit soar.

So I'll leave you with the same question in hopes that it can give you a little positive mojo thinking.