Monday, December 28, 2009

Being One of a Kind Not One of a Crowd

After reading the NY Times article, When Lady Gaga Appears, So Do Her Many Influences, it is clear the importance of fostering student individuality.  Lady Gaga may appear to most as a... well an odd duck but actually she is quite brilliant in her effort to be one of a kind not one of a crowd!  The 27 students in my class this year need to see that it is OK to make their own trail.  Students should understand that by jumping on the road less traveled they will experience all the difference in life.  What makes promoting this in a classroom a sometimes daunting task is the amount of time that's supposed to be used to look students in the eyes and truly see what gifts they bring as individuals.  The question then is... how can we make the time to create a space for kids so they can feel free?