Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Too Be Read Book List

Not only do I enjoy reading thought provoking blogs, there are a few books I want to read.  I heard several mentioned at the ISTE conference that I haven't had time to look into but I'll include them here for your perusement.

  • Cognitive Surplus- Clay Shirky- Currently Reading This one
  • Here Comes Everybody- Clay Shirky
  • Drive- Daniel Pink (I own this if anyone wants to borrow let me know)
  • Paul Hawken- Blessed Unrest
  • Ecological Intelligence- Dale Coleman
  • Tribes- Seth Godin
  • The Digital Writing Workshop- Troy Hicks, Penny Kittle
  • Teaching the New Writing- Anne Herrington, Charles moran
  • The Element- Sir Ken Robinson (I own this if anyone wants to borrow let me know)
  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students- Robyn Jackson
  • Catching Up or Leading the Way- Yong Zhao
  • Writing in the 21st Century- Kathleen Yancey
If you have a current read you think I should check out, please let me know!

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