Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Went to ISTE 2010 for $2

I am fortunate to be in an Innovative Tech Group in my district.  One of the perks of this group is they paid for us to attend ISTE 2010!!  I had a great thought to ride the bus instead of drive-- fine if you don't need to take the Colfax bus.  I realized that I need to make myself take the RTD more just to get out of my box.  I wrangled a few bus passes and poof-- my $2.00 trip to ISTE.

This was my first ISTE conference.  I was certainly overwhelmed most of the time but it was a good overwhelmingness that I let wash over me and I took in all that I could before crashing at the end of the day from mental overload!  I will for sure be heading to Philly next summer for the ISTE 2011 conference.  

My Take-Aways:

1.  I attended many sessions and listened in on many conversations.  I was for the most part a lurker!  I needed to lurk this year to build my confidence and get my feet wet amongst some amazing educators.  I spotted several people I follow on Twitter and felt like I was spotting a movie star!  Karl Fisch, Ben Wilkoff, Paula White....  What I realized as I lurked was...... I could hold my own with these people!  I have worked hard especially this past year to grow professionally.  I am proud that I have done just that.  Which makes me all to happy to keep growing and learning.

2.  One focus of next year for me will be around flattening my classroom a bit.  I am in the planning stages with the amazing Paula White from VA around collaborating with her students using a FabLab (  I want my students to get outside their own little boxes and be in awe of the world around them.  I want them to be curious about something and feel ok to investigate it.  I want them to think, really and truly think.

3.  I attended Bernajean Porter's session- "Where's the Beef?"  I have to admit that some projects I did with my students last year were complete failures.  Some were pretty good.  A small handful were great.  I want to focus on 'the beef' with my digital projects.  I am one of the only tech-savy teachers in my building so I end up having to take many students from ground zero in their technology skills.  While I enjoy a challenge, I'd love to have students walk in my room with a few more basic skills.  Anyway, back to 'the beef'. I plan to work smarter in my assignment designs so that I get the beef and the students still find it challenging and rewarding!  One thing I know is my students will be pushed this year to think and go beyond just the facts with their thinking.

So those are initial thoughts that I wanted to get outta my brain.  More will be coming as I digest my notes and start checking out all the sites and tools I learned about.  

I love that is summer and I have TIME to learn and grow more before my students and I start another adventure in August!

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