Saturday, March 2, 2013

Elias Factor

I've written about Elias a few times this year. I believe he is my starfish this year. The one I'm throwing back into that ocean to survive, thrive and succeed. Elias has made a connection with not only me but the SS teacher for 7th/8th grades. He wrote her a note basically saying he needed some attention. He wasn't feeling very positive, successful or acknowledged. Elias had the chance after this note to sit down with a few people in the MS academy. After this chat, he wrote this blog post. WOW!

The adults that can affect Elias' world at school sat down yesterday afternoon to think outside the box. The challenge that is happening is  the 7th and 8th grade students are not getting what they deserve. A good majority of the student's are not receiving good teaching,  engaging lessons and positive attention enough due to the behaviors of about 15 students. Elias speaks about kids needing to respect teachers. However, we owe it to the other students like Elias to think differently about what their day looks like. The meeting lasted about four hours and the solution is in progress. 

As we were finishing up yesterday, the 7/8 SS teacher said, "Kinda cool that Elias is the kingpin in all of this!"  

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