Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Days Like This

Yesterday was a Day Like This

Started out with a fitting message in my morning reading about it's not what's in our pockets, bank accounts OR the the things we have... It's about what's in our hearts. I spent the weekend making these little pipe cleaner people (got the idea from makedcsmile and little blue man on FB). My idea was to anonymously give them to a few people at school to make them smile.

Something about a new pair of kicks also started the day off well. I was a cool kid in middle school yesterday. Even had some of the kids who normally have nothing nice to say to me give me a compliment. One boy even chatted me up enough to ask what size they were. When I told him, he claimed that was his size and that I should take them off and give them to him.  I felt connected.

Had a great convo with an AP about how I can use the data maps the classroom teachers work with to help me help kids in the computer lab. Again, I felt connected. 

Mondays and Thursdays cause me a bit of anxiety because I have 8th grade these days. Yesterday they came in to my room less overwhelming. Perhaps it was my attitude (a new pair of kicks kinda attitude) but I felt they listened to my lesson more than most other times. When it was time for them to get started and work.... THEY WORKED. I assessed the work they completed on the spot and had all but 4 or so complete the task. Everything fell into place during that class. I ventured upstairs to share the positiveness with my AP. While I was up there the student who had previously wanted to steal my shoes (he's one that is hit or miss on his work completion and attitude) stated " I did good in your class today huh Miss?" I was very glad to answer him with a, "YES you certainly did." Again, connected. 

Days Like This. I bought a guitar a few years ago and have tried to learn to play it a couple times... unsuccessfully. This time, I'm hoping will be different. It already is. The music teacher started an after school guitar lesson group for students. I'm late in joining the group but that's ok. I like sitting with the kids and being on the other side with them. I also like letting them play teacher to help me catch up. One student sits next to me every time and helps, chats with me and yesterday kindly said I should learn Spanish (this is another thing on my bucket list- hopefully this summer).  Again, connected but this time on a different level. I am their classmate in that room and I love that!

Ended the day with an email from Denver Green School wanting to set up a phone interview. Made me smile knowing I'd passed step 1 (resume review) in their five step hiring process. I'm excited. 

Days Like This ..... make me smile :)

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  1. Nice. The connected feeling has to be great in your job, even more so than other jobs. :-D